Parts not printing properly. See attached images

Hi, I am having troubles getting the black resin and tank to print properly please see linked Dropbox pictures. Do you have any recommendations.

It is difficult to see what is going on in the pics. Can you post up a pic of what the model and supports look like in Preform. It might help show what the part should look like and where it failed.

No worries, heres a link to the preform screenshot, the orientation may be slightly different, but basically im trying to print 3 gauge needles.

if you orient those pieces with the pointy part pointing up at an angle it will give you a better print result though it’ll take longer to print. Though your issue is more likely due to dust in the printer, try and clean the large mirror, if that doesn’t help then the galvo mirrors inside might have dust on them and you should contact support to get permission so you can open up the printer to clean those mirrors.

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