Parts are decayed looking, lots of missing material


Have printed this part with several different files, but all of the prints have this same decayed looking gaps in the material. The tops of the prints (furthest from the build plate) are very crisp and clean, but the bottom of the prints (this side facing the build plate, and the side with support material).

I have tried cleaning the mirror with a cleaning kit sent by Formlabs, and cleaning the tray surface. The prints are still not coming out right. Upon inspection the tray surface is very clean, so I don’t think it should be an optical issue. What else could be causing this?

Could this be a support material failure? If so, I wouldn’t expect the top of the prints to be so clean and crisp.

Has anyone else had parts look like this? Any solutions?


If you’re printing the bottom perfectly parallel to the baseplate, I think you’re getting suction effects, try placing it at an angle for better results.


As mentioned by @CaliTarheel, orientation could be a cause. Also, did you filter your resin after the failed prints? If not, pieces of cure resin will float around in your tank, causing further failures.


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