Participate in Science?

Hello, San Francisco bay area people!  Would you like to do Science?  I’m a Berkeley researcher comparing the environmental impacts of 3D printing vs. “traditional” machining.  I’d like to measure a desktop-scale SLA machine such as Form 1.   Please contact me at Faludi [at] Berkeley {dot} edu to join.

The benefits for you would be getting mentioned in both an academic journal article and popular / trade press.  (I have an article on this topic in Rapid Prototyping Journal coming out early this year, and have already published in, the Autodesk Sustainability Workshop, as well as presenting in conferences and webinars.)

What “measuring” means is this: we’d like to make two medium-sized parts, and measure the energy use, material use, and all the dimensions of the device (to estimate the mass of material the machine’s made of).  We can pay for the parts made.  To measure energy use, we’ll need to briefly unplug the machine & plug it back in through a power datalogger.  To measure material use, we’ll just measure the mass of material going in & coming out; we can bring our own scale.

The time would be end of January, or anytime in February, whatever works for you. Late nights / odd hours are ok.

Would you like to be a part of Science?  If so, please contact me at Faludi [at] Berkeley {dot} edu.  Thanks!