Part Orientation - Thick to thin?

I’ve searched the forum and have not found a definitive answer to this topic regarding part orientation. I have noticed that parts which go from a thick base (Platform side) to a thinner edge (Resin vat) seem to tear or fail at that point regardless of support structure placement. If I rotate and place the thin side toward the platform the part is more than likely to fail leaving cured resin on the PDMS. Smaller or intricate sections seem to cause failure even with plenty of supports if they have to bare the weight and pulling force of the peel action. Rotating to an angle causes thin areas to stick to the PDMS as well. Any thoughts?

I believe you are thinking about this correctly. You want to have your smaller more fragile features print last because the alternative is transferring peel forces through these small features.

It would help if you posted images of the problematic model(s).

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