Over tight window screws

I need to lift the optics cover window out to clean the underside. But whoever assembled the machine has torqued up the screws so tightly, I broke off the ball end of my allen key in the socket, and even then the screw didn’t budge!! I am reluctant to flood an optical device such as this with WD40 or penetrating oil, so has anyone any ideas on how to get these screws out? They are to ones on the left side of the window, which you have to get at through the access holes in the moving tank carrier frame; a right fiddle too, if you ask me!!

Thanks in advance!

I’ve suffered from that many times before.

Get a high quality allen key, then grind off the tip, so the edges are sharp and be careful. I really don’t understand why they have to tighten those screws so extremely tight.

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upload some picture let me take a look at it

Does the M3 cap screw have an anti-vibration “patch”? (That looks like a blue or white colour blob of thin paint on the threads) Many screws in the Form2 do.

Its worth applying a decent soldering iron (at least 50w or the iron from a temp controlled solder station at 280c) Leave it on the screw head for 20 seconds and then try the Allen key again. Heat softens the “patch” - too much heat will damage the screw so be careful.

This is what “patches” are like

apply more force, use stronger key. i remember mine was a bitchh also but give it up after forcing.

the screws dont have any Thread-locking adhesive on it. (at least mine)

just make sure you dont unscrew those other leveling screws. otherwise 1000euro for re calibration :slight_smile:
(or if you re-calibrate with my method only cost around $100)

I’ll get some proper tools from the electronics lab and give it some effort! No thread lock that I can see… I’ll let you know how it goes!

Not that I can see, but good tip about using the soldering iron. Thanks!

There is no Thread-locking. Someone at the Formlabs factory is just over enthusiastic in tightening these screws down.

Just tried our printer - this one has got a blue patch on the thread - the heat did the trick though - came out easily after that. Its the same as the screws that hold the main cover in place and the resin cartridge tray

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