OSX software red shading on bases

Have switched to the OSX version of Preform and am now seeing a red line around the support base of my objects with hatched blue fill.

What does that mean? Do you get that on the Windows version? I can’t recall.

Anyway, did my first print today at .025 and total fail. Resin tank full of jello. Had to go out and buy a strainer and a spatular.

Can anyone enlighten me re: the red line and blue hatching on my bases though?

The red outlines with blue fill sounds like the shading seen in slice view – you should be able to turn it off with the “Toggle Slicer” button in the Settings menu (gear icon).  When this mode is active, you can also move the slider on the left up and down (or use the up and down arrow keys) to look at 2D cross-sections of your model + supports.

Thanks Matt, yea, I thought as much, but when you open the FormLab saved files like the butterfly clip with supports already generated, the shading is different.

I thought it might be significant and indicate a problem with my models, but after further testing I’ve had no more failures.