Option when the power comes back after a power failure


It would be nice to have an option so that the formlab 2 does not turn on itself after a power failure …
it would be nice especially that I put the lid on the tank to protect the resin when I do not use it not.
When the form 2 comes on after a power failure, the tank and the mixer move and it can trap the lid

sorry translation by google the text may not be 100% legible


yeah i was wondered the same why is that turning on right away when you connecting to power.
pretty bad design i think. or maybe because if you have an ongoing print and power out then it will continue ?

this should be at least optional in the menu.


Just FYI there’s absolutely no need to put the cover on the tank when it’s inside the printer, the orange cover is protecting the resin against UV just fine :wink: