Oh my, how to prevent corners from dipping?

I have probably done over 12 prints now. Increased wall thickness from 3mm to 5mm, added more and more supports, changed orientations, changed curing, added ribs, added chamfered corners. Now I am out of ideas. You can see now how over designed the part now is…

Anyone know how to prevent these dipping corners?


Hello @FUZZY -
Thank you for reaching out. Often, this can be fixed via orientation of the part; I don’t know how your part is oriented but angling the part upwards can reduce the pulling you get on longer parts like this.
Sending the .form file to Support will give us the opportunity to assist further.
Regards, Jen

What does upwards mean exactly?

In such cases it’s better to print the part at around 45~60o, not flat with the platform

Incline the part so the faces are about 45° to the build plate.

If you can, attach the model so other can show what this means.

I have tested 30’ 45’ 60’ and in all cases the edges are dipping.

Also try orientating the part so the linear edges are at 45° to the X&Y axis to reduce the pull force as well.


In addition to the model orientation advice shared by others, I wanted to pass along our Model orientation best practices for SLA printing article.

Just to clarify, is the warping happening during the post-cure or during the print itself? This problem could be addressed differently depending on which step of the process is causing the warping.