No longer recognizing Resin Tray

I am printing with blue castable resin. I am approximately 2/3 way through bottle and a new tray. After last print preform says “Resin Tray None” Not sure what the deal is. I have taken resin tray out and put back in several times as well as restarted preform and printer. I am up to date on software for both. Any suggestions?

Remove the tray, check the contacts on both the tray and the printer as inditaced there :

If that doesn’t help, try slightly rotating the tray once it’s in place int the printer, for some trays it tend to help aligh the contacts.

If none of these help I’d open a support ticker… chances are they will make you go through the same hoops so informing them of what you did will speed up the process.

I have had this same problem, fooling with the tray will finally recognize it.

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