No cost resin transfer station

I own 2 Form 2 and they run almost constantly and I just now received in my LT tanks for the first time.

However before that to make sure I had top quality prints I changed out the tanks with each resin cartridge … a bit excessive? … sure but I have never had a print thrown out do to a lack of detail from a worn out tray … and I just include the cost of the tray in my pricing model for printing for customers.

Anyway … no matter how careful I was … I always seemed to have resin spill when I transferred from one tray to another as the amount of time to get everything to go through the 190 micron filter that I was holding in one hand while I got the resin out of the old tray was always a bit much.

So duck tape, one tray box, 2 cartridge boxes, a padded mailing envelope and a funnel from IKEA and I have my new resin transfer station. Been using it for a couple months now and it makes this work so much easier to move from one tray to another (or to even empty out cartridges of the last of the resin).

Just wanted to share as it was pretty easy to build and has been really really helpful to my business.


I filter into a SOLO cup (don’t presume anything about the availabilty of those in my shop… or do, you’d be correct)… to receive any filtered resin.

The amount left in the cup is just part of the cost. Hopefully you don’t have to do it too often. Right?

@SchemeInc … I normally go through 6 Trays and 6 Cartridges every month so yes … pretty often in my shop which is why I needed this method of transfer to keep as much of the resin as reliably as possible.

The LT Tank should change that to 1 Tray and 6 Cartridges a month now that those just came in if they work as advertised.

I hear you! as far at the LT Tanks. I have three running right now… fingers crossed!