New software version inaccuracies?

It seems like the latest version software (0.9.0) has inaccuracies. The printing time estimate that the software gives is way off. On several occasions the estimate it gave was 2 hours more than the actual machine’s estimate. On other occasions the estimate was 1.5 hour less than the actual print time.

Also, the red shading areas don’t seem to be helpful anymore. Areas that print fine are red, and areas that fail show up fine in the software.

Another thing I noticed, but I may be wrong, is the way the new supports work, is based on surface areas. I think they should also somehow consider the mass of the object and the peel surface of each layer. That way the support structures will not fail during peeling. Another thing to consider is to implement variable support points based on areas of the print. Some areas that are “heavy” need thicker supports and support tips, while others that are just overhangs for example, can do with thinner supports and thinner support tips. In my opinion this new support system, while innovative, has not been tested enough with a variety of objects and situations before release.

Hopefully these bugs will be ironed out in the next release.