New form software and print ability test...hyper sensitive now?

Is the new software hyper sensitive now? I have a few Form files I know will print and never came up bad in software that the new version is giving me a warning on.

Whats changed and should I be worried about my prints …old and new files… they look fine to me in form as far as coverage of Struts. Does the printer print differently at all to achieve the speed boast?

With the NEW Preform and also the NEW Firmware my Preform always say the job is “NOT PRINTABLE”… I just ignore that message and the jobs come out fine.
Also, I run the latest Preform on two computers and one tells me that the Firmware on the Form2 is not up to date where the other tells me it’s OK.

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Since the new firmware and software upgrade I’ve been getting striations on my printed parts. I’ll be reverting back to the previous versions. Additionally I’ve been getting motor jam errors towards the end of my print time without fail. I prefer slower print times and better prints. My programs include Solidworks 2017, Maya 2018, Zbrush and Materialise Magics 22.

Same experience

Did reverting to a previous Preform help?

The print was successful so no idea

Since updating to the new firmware I’ve gotten nothing but Jammed Motor errors. and now the wiper is hitting my model.

So here’s an example… if i was new to the form2 I’d be beside myself trying to figure this out and wasting a lot of time . But I know this will print , however preform found these THREE tiny errors and says it won’t . I had to really search to locate them…I think something up with the probability in the new software.

I reverted back to the previous version of the firmware, software and everything is back to normal.
I kept getting striations and motor jams that also includes software errors. Parts were ran through materialise Magics and Netfabb.

I haven’s seen any printing issues with the newest software but regarding the striations; you might want to reprocess your mesh. I was running into this issue on the previous version. The common issue I was seeing was from bad edges, intersecting triangles or overlapping triangles. If you have Zbrush available, dynameshing the model and reprojecting any details helped me significantly. Just make sure to keep sub projection at 1 so you do not comprise detail. If not, take it into magics or mesh mixer, you should be able to locate the issue.

The biggest abnormality I am seeing with this newest version is the motor being really loud when the resin tray moves right to left. Sounds a bit concerning but I just finished a 15 hour print and it came out really nice. Didn’t have the “noise” concern before but I might go back to the previous version to avoid any misprints.

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Usually I run it through Dynamesh, then Decimation master

my head that said it had a dozen unprintable areas and got a big NO print sign printed fine … so far I’ve had great prints and the new software build says no to all of them. Again, if I were new to the printer I’d be pulling my hair out…since I’m not new I know to ignore he software and use my own judgment but somethings changed for the worse here as far as predicting a good outcome …

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