New firmware, Z axis skipping, not recognizing limits

My form 2 Z axis keeps on skipping on the way up during each wipe sequence. Additionally, before starting a print job the build platform will force itself up to its highest possible position, and seemingly skip then as well. This has only started to happen since the last firmware upgrade. Currently running rc-1.8.9-27.

I am afraid to continue using the printer in its current state because if the build platform skips on the vertical climb, the wiper will try to wipe across the resin tank too early and collide with the build platform. Any advice?

I just did my first print after updating FW and PreForm earlier this week. No similar issue. My printer appears to be working identically to how it worked before the upgrade.

Stepper motor torque is inversely proportional to speed (well, that’s true of any electric motor actually). If the new FW tries to speed things up a bit, and your Z stage is a bit “draggier” than normal for some reason, that would explain why you now have a problem where before you did not.

You’re going to need FL’s help to resolve the problem. It might be as simple as a little grease for the lead screw. But I would wait for them to tell you what to do before doing it…

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