New Customer needs help with project estimates

Hi, first I will introduce myself. I work for a software company who is developing a new application that use some hardware for logistics ( Raspberry PI, 7’’ lcd screen ).
The main idea is to create cases for the hardware with Form2 for doing that we have to analize cost-benefict of it.
For example we need to create a case for this:

My doubts are the following,

Do you know someone who printed a case?
Do you know or estimate how many resin will be have to use for one case or how many could we print with a liter?

thanks for everything

You should download our free PreForm software which is what’s used for setting up prints. This will give you the material volume and print time and should allow for accurate cost estimates.

thanks frew! :wrench:

I suspect cases are something many people print. I’ve certainly printed some. The printer makes really nice cases. You should look at the Tough resin and the Durable resin. The “standard” black/white/clear/grey resins are very glass-like and totally lacking in impact resistance. Tough is better but still somewhat frangible. Durable seems like it’s a winner from an impact resistance standpoint but it’s more flexible than Tough.