New catridge - low cartridge

Hey there,

I started a print this morning and upon starting the Form2 told me my cartidge was too low to complete the job. Therefor I removed the cartridge and placed a brand new one (and yep I removed the tape, the little plastic thing and I pressed on the air trap thing at the top. The print acknowledged that it has a new cartridge, but it says that the cartridge is low on resin too, which is false. I check in the Dashboard and it sais the cartridge is ok. Therefor I stated the print. I was expecting the tank to fill up a bit more due to the low cartridge message but nothing happened, it just started printing. Now I’m worried that if the tank needs to be filled, it won’t do it…

Should I pause my print and do something?


I have just received this error message in my inbox…

After, I checked on my printed and it said the valve at the top of the cartridge was not open, which it is. I close and reopened it a couple of time and the print started again. I also noticed the resin finally flowing out of the cartridge.

I’m very curious why this cartradge is having so much difficulty and I would appreciate your opinion. I’m still concern I might have problem in the future with the cartridge.

Hmm, some of this behavior sounds to be a bit atypical and our support team is going to be best to help you out with this. A member of our team will be in touch with you over email to help troubleshoot.

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