Needle Nose Diagonals / Clippers

I’m trying to find a nice long set of needle nose diagonals / clippers for cutting support structures. Has anybody found a pair with a very long nose for getting into tight places? Thanks

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In cramped areas of my models I I don’t use cutters I use an X-ACTO Knife with a micro saw blade in it.

Here you go amazon links

Exced #13 Fine Saw Blade - 5 pcs. Product #20013

They fit in X-ACTO Knife

the problem i find w the xacto, is that you need to apply so much force to cut the plastic, that you often cut something else in the model inadvertently.

That is a tiny saw blade that goes in a xacto. You just drag it across the support lightly and slowly and it will cut right through. I use them to make balsa post and beam joints for model rail road bridges. Take no pressure.

I’ve been using some little nail scissors, you can get them into cramped areas and they can cut a support without needing space around it. Not perfect for everything, but they’ve been easier to use than a knife as I can control them more.

I use spru cutters from Xuron, they make some really nice spru cutters as well as specialty scissors
You can see their product line here:
Most are sold on Amazon.

nice rec. just the sort of thing i’m looking for. having nice big handles is nice if you’re snipping 100 supports. My fingers get SO sore using eyelash scissors. I’m going to order a pair. thanks

Try Micro-Mark as they have all kinds of small tools for hobby work.

For those of us who do things in a cruder way, a coping saw with the blade rotated sideways gets parts separated from the raft more quickly. That works particularly well with the flexible resin.

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