My first print and a question before start

Hi!!! I want to print 12 baquets for my 1/43 scale cars…I put it like that

Before start, do you think it will print right for the position? or will you change it?

Thanks guys!

Is this for the Form 1/+ or Form 2?

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Sorry Form 1+

A lot of the time I print the first couple of parts one at a time to get the best orientation.

You can control the areas that have some layer artifacts by rotating the part differently. Remember anything near vertical (the seat back in your case) will have very little banding from layers. Horizontal surfaces (your seat bottom) will have more banding and take thinner layers to get smooth.

I would try orienting the part so that the seat back and bottom both have angles (maybe recline it back some). Then I would try tilting the part to the side some and see how that prints.

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It’s often best to angle things in both the X and Y axis. With the current orientation, the first layers may not come out cleanly because there’s a fair bit of unsupported area. You might angle the model at 45 Degrees such that it’s a sort of ‘V’ shape and then tilt it 20 degrees or so in the other axis. You shouldn’t need internal supports in that orientation and the print will come out more cleanly.

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I print the baquets with a little more inclination and the result is gorgeus!!!
Resolution is 100microns

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