My finishing after a month

These are a few things I am using now to remove supports. Model railroaders will recognize the Xuron rail cutters. I have a ton of the Lindstrom cutter pliers as well. The sprue cutter is a MUST have.

sprue cutter

Someone else on this forum mentioned a nail polish curing oven. Of course I found it cheaper on eBay like most things! (:->) For $17.00 I risked it.

curing oven

So far I have only used it for the castable items. IT WORKS! Put the items in there for about 1/2 hour and it takes the tackiness off. Of course if you have large items if it not going to fit. MOST of my items will fit in here. There is a sterilization oven on another post I may get at some point but that is $80.00 so for now it can wait. Both can help when you have a tacky item and can’t get real sun to give more curing for days.