My 3DPrint-O-book

Mark: Yes, I already download it :slight_smile:

zbrush user here also, looks fantastic!

Here is a timelapse video I did for my review, from the modeling to the support removing. No post process on the model of course:

And this is the review, only in french (sorry, english will come later) :)

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hi Thomas

love the work you’ve shown, really special. cant wait to see more… and to get my own when it arrives…

Please, don’t use anymore the above Youtube link. I had to update the video, then this is the new link!

No news since a long time, sorry :wink:

Here is a project I’m working on my free time: creating Easter chocolate moolds with my older sister who is very skilled when it comes to cooking (in all fileds…)

Then I created my molds in ZBrush and then, print them in 100 microns. Right now the goal isn’t to product the final model, but just testing the process. If it’s a success, then I’ll create the shape in positive, then using a food contact epoxy to create a negative mold. Of course, having a food contact resin would be really helpful!

I’ll share soon the tests with the chocolate (next week) and let’s hope it will work!

And another project, to continuing testing my own custom supports, made with ZBrush’s ZSpheres features. 20mL of resin for my own supports in opposition to 120ml for the ones created in PreForm. At the cost of the resin, it’s worth spending some time to build your own.

It also helps you understanding better the constraints of the printer.

Right now, it’s not perfect since I lost some supports and underestimated again, the force that the peeling process applies to the model. But anyway, it has been a successful print of approximately 140 mm.

Cool prints !! i really love how you made supports for the last one. And i totally agree with you, automatic support are somehow useless in many situations and missing in others. I’m really waiting for an uptade with manual supports. That way, i’ll do just a rough automatic support and add the missing one. Like you said we lost a lot of resin because of that … ( in many cases i used more resin for the supports that for the print itself ) . i’m waiting also for a possible stl export to do the same thing ; automatic rough support and add other with 3dsoftware…

Hey Thomas,

Really cool prints!

Im wondering, did you leave the hole in the base in order to avoid the suction on the peeling process or to save resin (or something else?)

I’ve been experimenting with my own supports as well but so far have had only mixed success.

Im really happy you are able to get large prints done… it seems as though there is a lot of trial and error involved. If you used the preforms support do you think the print would come out successful every single time?

Once you have a successful print (with your own supports or otherwise) are you able to print it again many times without failure or does it still depend?

p.s. Sorry for all the questions, im just trying to figure out if there is something wrong with my printer or if we should just come to expect failed prints out of a ‘good’ printer on a consistent basis - this is why im asking if you are successful every time with an already successful print, then we can be sure that it is NOT your mistake

I left the hole on the base just to save resin. I have a surface which is enough for supporting the whole mesh.

When using the PreForm supports, I have more success, and when it’s not a success, its because of my mesh itself or I do something wrong (I failed a very large print because of the lack of resin…)

I have been able to print several time the same model, but no large ones since I never had to do it… and I won’t do it for the fun just because I don’t want to spend extra resin and extra time in that :slight_smile:

To be honest, I had failed prints because of my printer (see below), but all the other failures I had was because of me or my lack of knowledge. I’m currently translating my Form1 review in english and then I’ll continue my ZBrush 3D Print guide as well as writing a small guide about good practices with the Form1. I hope it will help other peoples :slight_smile:

I suggest you to contact the support about your problems. I had issues with my printer myself, then you should contact them.

Hello Thomas, I congratulate you for such a good job, everything is in the proper development of things, I am from Colombia, designer and am just starting in the world of 3d printing for my work, my printer just arriving for the New Year let me know if you have any free version available that I could print and descrestar my friends, or if you have any for sale also wanted to ask where I can get the file bucket rotation and Eiffel tower
A hug, thank you and move on

Carlos: you can find a lot of 3D models to print on :)

Long time without posting some new prints, but I run out of resin and I had, again, issues with the french customs. FormLabs should definitely add an USPS option for resin and resin tanks.

Then here are two "large prints, 120mm for the Venus and 135mm for the creature guy, printed in 50 microns. Both of them had their own custom supports, made with ZBrush. On complex mesh with details, I’m trying, as soon as it’s big models, to build my own supports. It’s a little bit time consuming to produce, but you can save so much resin and also printing time) when doing this way…

But it also lead to failed prints because you underestimated some important things like the peeling which applied a lot of force on the print and which can break some parts.  Anyway, check the Preform screencapture on a model, with automatic support and custom support… and check the amount of resin needed to print the model. At the price of the resin, spending an hour worth it…

The little duck and chickens are for a board game I’m currently creating. They have been printed in 25 microns.

Some of my models should be visible at the 3D Printer World Expo at the Pixologic booth. I’ll also do a presentation there, where I’ll explain how to prepare your models with ZBrush.

Another result of custom supports. It’s not visible, but it’s a failed print (the strange stuff on the head partially broken because I underestimated the force of the peeling process.

Also a screenshot of the small chickens. The base diameter is 20mm.

And the ducks. I’m really happy with the quality of these small prints. Of course, less visible layer would be better :slight_smile:

Wow, these are incredible – as always – Thomas!

The Pig and cow which are coming after. Then it will time to design the board, print and paint everything. Just few days left!

I think I’ll need a second Form1 :slight_smile:

And thanks Sam! (we can’t edit our posts?)

Yeah, we’re working on rolling out some new forum software that will have more features. I’ll start a thread about it, actually…

Hi Thomas,

You’ve supplied some really good pictures and feedback.  I may have missed this (i didnt read all your comments) but the picture you put on jan 19 where you have “the guy” with what looks like supports you put in yourself and the computer put, how did you develop your own supports?

Do you have a different system that generates this?