Multiple lase&tilt passes for layers with large surface area

Layers with large surface areas cause significant stress to the part on separation during tilt - it can easily be heard as a click, or even a “clack” during peel process. This cannot be good for the part success rate, part accuracy, or for the PDMS silicone layer.

How about if layers with large surface areas could be divided into multiple lase&tilt passes - so first pass would do a portion of the part layer - and all the supports - and then we’d tilt, staying on the same layer, not raising the build platform - and fill in the rest of the part. Possibly with multiple subsequent passes, depending on the size of that particular layer - then finally after 2 or more tilts, we’d start on the next layer.

If it can  protect the peeling motor and protect the printer to maintain longer working life,  and also improve the quality of large print, I would rather sacrifice the print time to have this mutil-pass layer option in the future, just want Form Labs to test it,