Multipart prints don't fit together

I keep having issues with parts that are supposed to fit together with flat sides. This isn’t an issue with smaller miniatures. The fact that one part majorly misprinted shouldn’t be a factor, it still happens with perfect prints.

In Blender they fit together perfectly and have a little bit of tolerance.

Previously I tried printing with them tilted backwards one way, but this time I tried tilting it back and to one side. It’s better than it was as it used to bow out at the edges, but they still don’t fit together accurately.

I used a mixture of .4 (mainly for details), .5 and 1.3 for additional support.

Really struggling to solve this one, and it happening on larger parts means this is an expensive problem. Does anyone have any solutions?

Any place you put a support, you’re going to get some distortion. So if you need accurate surfaces to mate your parts, those surfaces can’t have supports. If you lay these models on their sides, or flip 'em 180 so the mating surfaces point away from the built plate, not towards it, the problem should go away.

Of course, it’s a lot more work to “clean up” the print when the supports are all on surfaces you’re going to see. So my solution for this problem is to support the model from the mating surfaces like you’re doing, but print the surfaces a little larger than they need to be, and then sand them down (or CNC mill them) to the dimensions I want - flattening out any distortions in the process, and leaving the externally visible surfaces pristeen.

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Hi @TTCombat,

Randy is right on the money here, but if you have further questions or concerns on this topic, you can submit a ticket to our Support Team and they can help you further!