Model Orientation in Preform

I have a model I am trying to scale to match an original size. I scale what I thought was the X orientation because I measured the X dimension on original. I did see that the grid was 1 cm, but there is no way of telling the orientation other than obvious larger X or Y. Is there not a way to get a way to show the XYZ orientation or size of the bounding box. These models come out of meshmixer, that were scanned.Capture test 1

My process is to measure the X dimension, scale all to that, it usually works, but for some reason it didn’t work this time. We really need to be able to have a user defined grid spacing, scaling via the bounding box

Scale it in meshmixer via Analysis > Units/Dimensions tool.

Besides that, i don’t get what grid spacing option would accomplish, except help with objects that have two or more dimensions that are the same size, and you want them to scale non-uniformly. The grid spacing is 10mm, BTW.

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