Mobius Torus Net

Mobius Torus Net.  File from Thingiverse.   Settings:  Clear, .050mm, 80% scale.  Took 9.5hr.  Finished dimensions 3" OD.  I attached a magnified image to show the “net.”  The clear resin makes is hard to see the Mobius shape.  We’ll attempt to paint it and then repost.

Impressive, Jeannine!  Two Q’s:

What is the diameter of the small elements of the mesh?

Did you use automatic or manual support generation?

Thanks ah3000mk1!  The small element dia is approx. .050".  We used auto support generation.  The supports were very hard to remove and there were A LOT of them- some spanning layers of the net-  which made removal very difficult.

can you post the link? I want to try one but couldn’t find it on Thingiverse

Absolutely beautiful!

Just as a quick heads-up, when posting images of models you’ve printed, it’s a great idea to post attribution as well, particularly if that’s the creative commons license under which the piece is released.  Just noting that Mobius Net is by Bathsheba ( is adequate.

Will do.  Thanks for the heads up!

As promised, here’s a pic of the part after paint.  I used Krylon indoor enamel metal spray paint.

Mobius Net is by Bathsheba (


Your comment raised an interesting question–I was under the impression the license applied to the file, not to actual prints or pictures of prints?

Great question, Cat! Legally speaking, all of this is a real gray zone. It’s less a hard-and-fast issue, here (though I’m definitely not an authority) and more a question of maintaining a positive relationship with designers and respect their wishes with what they’ve chosen to distribute online. It’s always great to recognize creative contributions, and in some cases, it’s particularly important to the original creators, so that’s something we want to respect and encourage.

what orientation did you print this? I had preform auto orient / create supports but the print failed. Brand new resin tank, brand new resin, freshly serviced ( and upgraded ) Form1+