Missing edges with Grey V4

In the past, I printed with Black V3, but because of orange skin surfaces, I changed to Grey V4.

I’m not satisfied with these prints.

  • At the supports side, edges are not sharp, but rounded or missing.
  • Support points are causing unsandable “hills”
  • Long edges are wavy

(printed with Grey V4, PreForm 2.13, angles x and y = 30 deg, support size = 0.6 mm)

I increased the angles and set smaller supports (0.4…0.5 instead of 0.6). This improves the issues, but doesn’t solve them.

Contrary to all advices, I printed horizontal. And voilà, most of the edges are sharp and not wavy (but, of course, the printing layers can be seen at the roof).

Any suggestions how to avoid these round and wavy edges?

That’s always going to happen, resin around support points isn’t going to move around as much during the printing process, as the other layers get printed the resin will get repeated indirect exposure which will cure extra resin on downward facing surfaces.

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