Missing Cartridge Error only with Castable V2

My Form 2 printer has had a few issues, but since September has been working well until now. Last night I wanted to print with Castable V2 (Blue) but for some reason the printer will not recognise the cartridge. (The cartridge is 6 months old ) Last week it did, but today it doesn’t. It still recognises the grey cartridge though. any suggestions please. I’ve cleaned the chip on the cartridge, updated the firmware on the printer and reset it to factory settings. Still doesn’t recognise the castable cartridge. Thanks Bea

I have an update - which I hope will help other people.

We attached a cotton wool bud to a knitting needle. Soaked the bud in IPA and cleaned the chip inside the cartridge tray at the back of the printer. It worked. The printer recognised the castable cartridge.

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