Material most similar to Accura Bluestone

I am assuming it’s Durable… I have never used the Accura Bluestone, only heard about it. Thoughts?

Compare the technical data sheets, and you will find that Accura Bluestone is an extremely stiff material - your best bet would be Rigid, probably, but even Rigid only has half the stiffness. If you are after the high temperature properties, High Temp would be better, of course.

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Same answer as @P3D : I have only once handled an Accura Bluestone part but we ordered it for its ability to support thin-walled parts while being very rigid. Looking at the TDS I would also tend to recommend Rigid. Rigid will be less stiff than the Bluestone and possibly a bit more brittle depending on the use case, but the only other alternative is high temp which is probably faaaar to brittle, but again it depends on your application.