MANUFACTURING READY OUTPUT Collectibles and Toys Veteran

Hey fellow makers,

My name is Jeff Riffo. I’ve been working in the product development field as a Senior Model Maker for over 16 years with a strong emphasis in Action Figures and Collectibles. I’ve been using DLP and SLA printers for 12 of those years and am very familiar with the quality and preparations required to send tooling masters overseas to your choice of manufacturing houses. I know what to expect from my output and what my artists expect.
I have just recently purchase my own Form2 Printer to help begin my private endeavors in this business and have already acquired cllients from DC Direct, Diamond, and Hasbro as well as several private commissions from artists who want quality solid results from their digital creations.
while providing output I can also outsource and provide professional painting of samples from some of the best in the industry. Please feel free to contact me via email if you are interested in using me. My output pricing is broken down by Materials + resin by ml + Digital Prep + Post Bench TIme + Shipping. Manufacturing consultation is available but at a limited capacity (getting too busy model making)


Career Highlights:
Hasbro: 2006-2010
Activision: 2003-2006
McFarlane: Toys 1999-2003

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