Magnetic mixer for isopropyl alcohol - A short screen sequence

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| 09.11.13 |

Did you also DIY UV cure box?


okai it’s an old topic but I want to answer. If you can imagine to live in good old germany you must know there is not much sunshine over theyear. Maybe 2 weeks or 20 days. This isn’t Californication :wink:
I have to build a UV cure box but I’ am not quite happy with the result. Yes it cures the objects better. But it would be
better if the uv-bulb is stronger and the object moves around under the uv-light. There are some awareness about this.
If you try to cure an object only from one side there will be deformation trough elongation and compression.
I try some better cure box with uv-lasers (405nm) and movement when I got time. Maybe Formlabscrew got some idea to use the form1+ (form1) for that workaround. The laser is still there :wink: