Mac os sierra 10.12.2 not working well with form software 2.10.2

I’ve noticed when I’ve loaded form software 2.10.2 on mac os sierra 10.12.2 not working well its glitchy and I’ve loaded on 3 different machines with the same results

Hmm, can you let us know what sorts of issues you’re having? We want to make sure the software functions correctly for all users so we’ll want to look into any incompatibilities with Sierra.

Most of the problem I’ve experienced is i load a model and its not there visually but yet its there there is no control of it after repeated tries it shows up with full control of the model its hit or miss i use multiple screens and I’ve notice that when i float the window to another screen the model I’ve loaded shows up but not constantly I’ve also have tried it on another mac with the same results.

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