Lucky me?

I hesitate greatly to tempt fate and actually write this, but with the negative comments of new purchases being received DOA, some people on printer 5+ just to get a good one and awful QC on repaired units, for now I consider very lucky mine is still working pretty well. It was a November 2014 purchase with about 6 bottle of goop consumed.

I recently sold my almost unused CubePro trio that was purchased just before the Form1 at a chunky loss, because it did nothing I expected it to. I paid too much attention to advertised (and possibly fictitious) resolution and layer thickness. I cant afford to continually have expensive bad purchase decisions.

I was buying my prints commercially at an extreme price, which is why I went for the Form1 purchase. While I have made many prints so far which would have cost me a ton otherwise, I have yet to “complete” any of my projects.

I guess at this point I don’t know what I consider to be reasonable lifespan for this machine, but it better not take an early dirt nap!



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