Loyalty discount on form3 expires when?

June 4th, i received mail saying: “€500 Loyalty Discount Expires on June 30”
Now, all of a sudden I read in new message: “…tomorrow is the last day…” which is june 28, so what/why is this?


ok, got replied from support: "I’m sorry, that’s our fault. The email should have read “tomorrow is the last business day.” The program still ends on June 30th.


Have ANY Form 3 shipped to customers yet, if not when are the first ones going to be shipped?

I am waiting on some spare parts for a Form2 - I first raised my support ticket on 14th June, today I received a message which says " Thank you very much for your patience. My name is “REDACTED” and I am taking over from “REDACTED” while she is out of the office. We have been having a serious technical issue at our main depot which we have been trying to fix so no orders were sent out. I have been informed that it should be fixed within the next 2 days. My sincere apologies for this delay. As soon as it is and your order is sent out I will let you know and send you the tracking number as soon as it becomes available".

Is the same issue slowing everything down? (Except theexpiry of the “Loyalty Program”)

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I spoke to one reseller in France and they just now got a demo model in. So at least they’re sending out demo machines.

They’re going to be shipping next month