Loss of detail for jewelry pieces

When printing almost anything with fine detail (especially fishtail setting style), their seems to be a filling in, to a virtual flat / solid surface-from a flat surface in nature-prongs in place with recessed (channel sections) as well. I try to angle the pieces as a preventative, but that often leads to supports going in undesirable places. Furthermore, I ALWAYS have to add wax and reshape the bottoms of pieces (after curing), regardless of their design characteristics. It looks like a miss-fill__I check my stuff 3 different ways before making an STL-I would never try to print a piece that I know isn’t water tight.

Maybe increase resolution?____Have at factory default, but I don’t know how to modify…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, good evening, it’s the same with me. When I want to make a ring with details, the details go wrong. I would like to contact an expert in the field to see how I can do my models and everything is fine while I buy the printer to work, not to spend money. and not get positive results

I wouldn’t be able to help myself I’m afraid, but I’d be interesting in seeing some images of what you’re talking about. I’m new to 3D printing and am in the jewellery field myself, so would be interested to see what I might potentially come across one day.

Hey there @Erick_Smith and @franklinanibal,

Thanks so much for posting. I’m sorry to hear you’re seeing less than ideal results on your prints! That’s certainly not the behavior we want to see, especially with specialized uses like jewelry.

If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind posting a screenshot of the original file, and then the printed product so we can take a look at what might be going on?

If you’re not comfortable posting here, or would just like a more individual troubleshooting experience, please reach out to our support team at the link below, and we’d be happy to dig into the defects you’re seeing on your final printed products!


I’m currently working, but at night I loaded the last model I printed on the physical and a screenshot to help me or tell me if my printer has any problems to contact the seller before losing the warranty.

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