Loose build plate bung

Hi there.

One of the rubber bungs has come out of place on one of my build plates. Not completely out while printing thankfully, but loose enough to worry me.

I’ve prised it out completely and cleaned everything as much as possible, but when pushing it back into place the air pressure pushes it back out again. I’m obviously not getting all the surfaces squeaky clean, I’m not sure how I’d clean them any more.

Any advise how to keep this in place? I can and don’t mind drilling a tiny air hole on the top of the plate, don’t really want to, but I could.

Thanks folks.

My build plate did the same thing.
I contacted support & they sent me a new one that did the exact same thing at first use lol.
I removed both sides as they were very easy to pop out and super glued them in.
Do one side at a time as like you said air will want to push out the other side if not glued in.

Hope this helps.

Maybe you can just insert a small cannula or needle when pushing the second one in to let air out?