Looking for the right resin for artificial penguins eggs


I’m working at the moment on artificial egg used for scientific studies in ecology/biology.
During one or two hours, the bird egg is replaced by a fully instrument egg which measures ECG, temperature, acceleration, rotation. I used to produce the shell of this articifial eggs with a 3D abs printer. Those eggs worked fine in temperate weather condition but this time they will be used in Antarctica with Adelie’s penguin.

Of course, I would like to print the egg with my formalbs printer however I’m wondering what would the best resin for this kind of job. The color is not important but the resin should resist the stress of low temperature. Thankfully, the temperature during the breeding season is not so bad there (between -20°C and 0°C).

I could not find any information about the formlabs resins and low temperature on the formlabs website.

What I have noticed last time I was in Antarctica, some resin became very brittle (like the standard grey epoxy) and some could stand the temperature very well (eg bi-component epoxy dough)

I quite like the durable resin and I will try a sample in a -20°C freezer.
I have also some durable resin, and the standard gray I could try too but I more interested in the fiber glass reinforced resin and the dental resin. Unfortunately I could not justify to buy all of them to just have a try…

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers, Dom

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@dfilippi, first of all this is a really interesting application, and I hope you’ll follow up with us on how things are going!

I think you are on the right track with trying Durable. We have not done extensive testing with mechanical properties at low temperature (and can’t promise this will work at -20C), but customers with similar concerns have gravitated towards Durable since it is less brittle/more tough than other resins at room temp.

Thank you Arusso for your reply. I will post some feedback once the project will be finished.