Looking for quality LED uplighter stand for displaying clear resin sculptures

This is a bit of an odd request, but I recently got my Form1+ and am using clear resins. Now, these look absolutely beautiful when displayed over a light source. You can purchase such light boxes fairly easily from crystal and new-age shops where they are used for displaying… well, crystals. However most of them are very cheap and nasty, or don’t have the features I’m looking for.

Can anyone suggest an uplit display stand with the following features:

  • Operates from a mains electricity supply
  • Colour-changing LEDs that segue gently between colours

Bonus points if the stand also includes:

  • 360 degree turntable
  • Multiple or programmable colour sequences
  • Plain white mode


I was wondering this too. I went to Amazon.com and searched for ‘lighted display’, they have several. I’ll order some in a day or two and report back. I’m not happy with my photos of my prints, I’m thinking this might help.

For what it’s worth, mine is very similar-looking to this one and, while it’s OK for trial purposes and very cheap, the flashing sequence of colours that it produces is limited, it flickers rather than transitioning smoothly and, worst of all, there seems to be no logical sequence to the colours or to the length of time a colour is displayed for, leading to a very eclectic and not particularly pleasant display. Also since it’s battery powered it wouldn’t last the day in a gallery without a battery change:

Re: taking photos: the under lighting does help tremendously in picking out fine details on your model, but if you’re looking to sell stuff it’s probably a good idea to include the stand so people don’t complain that it doesn’t look like the photos.

This one looks very nice, but I’ve not tried it and unfortunately it looks like it’s battery power only: