Looking for help to select best 3d printer

Hello everyone,

Today I am here to ask for help. I need a good 3D Printer but cant understand between MAKEX M-One & XYZprinting Nobel 1.0. Can anyone use this? I found my other option of 3D printer but I liked the two most. If anyone have any other good experience and opinion then please share with me.

Thanks to all.

In case you missed it, this Forum is for Formlabs products. e.g. Form1, Form1+, and Form2. It’s a little weird you are asking this here.
You should probably google around for various review sites that compare other printers to determine a non-Formlabs printer to buy.

Those suck, just get a Formlabs2 :smiley:

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You should get a Form2, I heard it’s really good

The link you sent even has the Form 1+ And Form 2 as leaders in their respective price ranges. Being a Form 2 owner I may be partial to FL (as are the others here) but I’d say get a Form 2. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

My vote is for the Form2 :wink:

Hi @sanzana - the Pinshape website has started to display reviews by 3D printer owners. I don’t see the M-One or Nobel listed yet. While you’re making the purchase decision - which I’m sure is a big deal! - I think it’s worth taking a look at the product reviews from other users: https://pinshape.com/3d-printers There are lots of experiences and opinions described in those comments!