Longest allowable time to post process

How long can I leave a part (s) sitting in the printer after the job has finished?
I have been estimating print time on some object and I am getting some elevated times (4-5 hrs). ( I am new to 3d printing so those times may not be that bad). - anyway. The point is, I may have to leave the printer running while I am at work or overnight and will not have time to post process the part until I get home in the evening. I want to know it after 8 hours after the print has been done, will I be able to successfully remove supports ? - what about 24 hours after?


Hi Cesar,

It is perfectly fine to leave your finished part on the build platform in the Form 1 for extended periods of time; hours, days, no problem. At the office, I regularly start long prints on Friday afternoon just before I leave for the weekend and post process my print when I arrive on Monday morning.

Same here, I don’t notice anything even slightly different about them if they sit there for 12 hours so you should be good for much longer.

I guess the trick is to keep it under the orange cover so that the supports and left over layers of resin do not cure ?

As a side note, When a print fails in the middle of a job, does the form1+ stops the jobs and displays a message or does it “continue to print”. I am trying to understand what a failed print is and what to expect and most importantly how to recognize it before it happens.

You will learn what a failed print is very soon :slight_smile: No, the printer can not detect failed prints so it continues. The best suggestions I have to prevent failures for new users would be to use the Auto-Orient feature and fix the red areas that appear in PreForm.

ha! that comments just gives me great confidence in the printer. Almost sounds as if these printers are not reliable ?

If you have a Form1+ that is a very nice machine. But knowing it’s limits comes from trial and error. Maybe the support threads on this website would be good to check out. You can see pictures of what happened and the suggestions of what probably caused it.

thanks, yes I agree with you. Sounds like a plan.