Long-term effects on prints

I printed a Marvin test about a month ago and it has been fine all this time. It just recently showed a crack and finally broke at the ring part. It happened before in a keychain I printed previously, but I just assumed it was a fluke. The part has only been indoors and has basically just sat there on the shelf. So it is kinda of worrying about the quality of the parts.
Anybody else experiencing any effects after aging?
[it’s not allowing me to post pictures so here’s a link]
marvin cracked

With age and additional exposure to UV and other broad-spectrum light, parts will continue to slowly cure over time. Over-cured parts will become harder and more brittle. Although we engineer our materials with long-term stability in mind, some material properties like this will change slightly over time. To prevent additional UV exposure and increase the long-term stability of your parts, try spraying your parts with a UV-resistant clear coating. Sprays for acrylics work great with our resins.

As Adam said, if you’re planning on using your parts out and about, I’d recommend painting or finishing your part with a UV-resistant clearcoat (like this one available on Amazon).

This webinar with Robert Vignone goes into finishing techniques with some detail – a bit intense, I know.

I’ll try a new martian and see if it helps with the spray. It’s weird because it’s only been inside. But maybe people can also share their experiences on the mechanical properties of prints in practice.
I’ve noticed it is fairly brittle. when cutting of parts it’s more of a breaking action than really cutting.

Yes, our prints are strong, but they can get more brittle as they continue to cure.