LFS vs Form 1, Form 2, and MSLA?

Currently awaiting a Form 3 and coming from the world of MSLA, where an entire layer is cured and then peeled at once. Because the laser on the Form 3 does not cure an entire layer at once, and the LFS system travels along the X-axis peeling as it cures each line, is this technology a step in the wrong direction when it comes to print job success rate?

For example, if the Form 3 is curing an island that is connected to a touchpoint or another body further down the X-axis, wouldn’t this introduce distortions and failures that would be avoided by the Form 1, Form 2, and MSLA tech that peels an entire layer after it is finished curing it?

I don’t have a comparison to MSLA, but the success rate on the Form 3 is rather better than on the Form 2 in general. There are some Form 3 specific artifacts (especially on the platform side). These have gotten much better since the initial release, but some are definitely there.

I don’t think the print is completely detached from the resin tray on a Form3 until the peel. The forces on the print during that peel are reduced because of the way the LPU works to deform the bottom of the resin tray, but that action doesn’t separate the print. There’s still a peel between each layer, it’s just lower force than what the Form1/2 would have applied.

I’ve run a couple dozen prints on my Form3 and have yet to experience any issues at all with the print quality. Some fairly “beefy” prints with lots of contact area and others that were very delicate.

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If so, that’s very comforting to know!

If you have a big print close to the mixer side you can see the mixer lifting before the peel starts.