Less expensive UV curebox

I’ve shot this Heraeus incubator at ebay for 200 Euros and than added a DIY perforate metal cage with UV LED stripe. The shelves are made from 3 mm acrylic.

The incubator has all you need: temperature preselection up to 70 degrees Celsius, thermostate, timer…


Awesome! I scoured for a long time looking for a low-temp oven, but never once considered an incubator oven!

Impressive ideas around here as always.

This also had me looking at eBay, currently looking at this type of thing although I think these stop at 45 degrees C, still looking for a hotter one although for such little cost it’s better than no heat.

digitalDougie, search for the German word “Brutschrank” (means incubator); you will find some more useful incubators, including the Heraeus incubator.


Thanks for the tip @JohnK42