Just for fun

Here’s a part we printed directly on the platform.  Oh, if only we could do this for all parts! What a beautiful result when there are no supports.



How small is that and what was the resolution setting? The detail in the tiny text is surprisingly sharp.


Clear, .025mm setting.  4.0 x 2.75 x 0.5"

The text is raised lettering, roughly .125" tall, raised .0625"

Here’s a view from the side.  It’s hard to get a sharp close-up image with the clear resin, but I try my best…

Thanks for the info. I guess the part is a little bigger than I imagined but that’s still really sharp.


@ Jeannine

Nice print! It looks like printing with a rigid base really helps the parts come out smooth. I’ll have to consider this on my boxier parts.

Did you add any features to help pry it off the platform?

@Andy Hudson

An X-ACTO knife with a flat blade is awesome for getting stuff off the build platform.  I’ve been using this and haven’t had any issues.





Place the angled side down on the platform and you can get stuff up with ease.