Jumper Art sculpture - Making of

Below was my process on making The Jumper with six duplicates.

Making of:
Initial sketch

Rough blocking on Zbrush. Looks like crap but its more for getting placement and all that:

Refined sculpt. Im only printing the hare. The post and base will be wood:

My workspace with a Form2 ready to go

Head print, smooth as silk:

Here we have all the parts printed out. I then wet sanded all these parts with 220, 400, 800 and 1200 grit sand paper. I also filled the escape holes with epoxy clay.

Lets make some molds! Here is the head ready to have the first half poured with silicone

All molds done and ready for casting

I transformed half of my garage into a mini workshop along with vacuum chamber and pressure pot.

First test casting of the head:

First test pull success!

Casted parts. Each part takes 40 minutes to cast.

Time to zone in. Here is all the parts for one piece. I filled random holes and again wet sanded each part with 4 different grits of sand paper.

Paint. All my work is in black :slight_smile:

Glue parts together

Letting glue dry

While its drying I started fixing the wooden base to the post.

Here we have the assembled piece. 14" tall. Here its standing next to my Hunted Dunny ( 8") for scale.


Finished piece. Prototype with Michaels base

Casted final piece with new base

Long post, thanks for hanging in there!



Amazing finished product there Colus…and very well documented process :slight_smile:

Out of curiosity is this a character from some book/movie/comic/etc? Or an original concept?

Thank you!

Most of my work has some form of animal being impaled by a symbol. Organic VS rigid. This was just an extension of that.

After asking my question I noticed your link and visited your site. :slight_smile: Nice work :+1:

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