Judge Dredd: "I AM, THE LAW !" - Finished

Recently I found a pretty cool bust of Judge Dredd. The helmet and armor are from the latest Dredd movie starring Karl Urban, but the head was just generic with a huge jaw.

I also happened to have a caricature model of Sly Stallone, so I just had to do an old and new Judge Dredd mashup. All this made sense only if I could make the helmet removable, so after a little bit of work I got it done.

I was originally going to paint the complete model in color, but after seeing the flat black model with the color helmet on, I think I’ll paint the head and armor in classic black and white.

Here is what I have so far. I’ll be painting the head and the next few days and post the final results.


And here is the finished, painted model:


Judge Dredd with the helmet OFF?

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Bwhaahahahahaha! And how does he do that with his lip??

Sweet print and paint job. What resolution did you print and what’s the bust size?

The model is 4.5" tall (from bottom of pedestal to top of helmet), and 3.75" wide at the shoulders.

I saved the Form file, but it doesn’t save the original resolution. When I opened it at 0.05mm, it would take almost 12 hours to print, instead of just 6 hours @ 0.1mm, So I’m almost 100% sure it was 0.1mm.