Jointed doll with form2

I would like to share here the last design articulated doll, I used form2 to “skin” of the figure. I liked the results offered semi-translucent resin and brings more luminosity to the skin

more pictures here


So this is clear resin with dye or did you use another mixture?
The result looks great anyway!

I use another mixture, here is explained:


The skin tone is fantastic. Very natural looking and believable. Outstanding job.
Hair kick ass too :slight_smile:

How did you do the eyes? They look great too.

very nice work!

Thank you very much to all!
The eyes are painted, after a drop of transparent resin is deposited over and again cured in UV light. So they get realistic eyes

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Beautiful, may i know what software do you use? May i know a noob like me, if start from zero, how long of learning can get to half of what you produce? I am doing it for fun during my free time from work, which have nothing to do with art.

I use Blender. Blender has a fairly high learning curve, but then it is very comfortable to model. I recommend it to you. I could not tell you about long of learning, :slight_smile:

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It is beautiful. The paint up is very nice with the translucency to to skin. I read a bit into the other thread. Are you actually adding dye to the resin pre-print or dying the finished parts?

It is a shock to me that blender the free program is used. I just i have to take a look at blender. Thanks for info. I have another question, what material do you use for the hair?

Sorry for taking time to answer … I have not visited the forum for some time.
I added dye to the resin in pre-print

Sorry for not replying sooner! The hair is mohair wool.

I LOVE THIS…I do some character art from time to time and thought to do something very similar. This came out so nice. Great Work!

Did you sculpt her? What is your process?


Sorry… I just read the entire thread. You use Blender, really? Well done.

Yes, I use blender. First model polygon with mesh and then in sculpture mode.

NICE, thank you.