Issues with Form Wash

One issue fixed by the new firmware is the screen occasionally getting locked to a completely black state.

The machine and UI continues running in this state, but the updates that it tries to send to the screen aren’t displayed. The button sometimes not doing anything (when the screen is black) could mean that the UI is scrolled to a menu, so when you press it, there’s nothing user-visible that changes – the UI enters a menu, but because the screen is stuck, you can’t tell.

You don’t need to use Preform to do the firmware update; there’s a standalone application called FormWashCureUpdater that handles it. You will have to temporarily install the latest Preform, because there’s a single installer that delivers both Preform and the FormWashCureUpdater app, but you can then revert to your older version of Preform once you’re done with the firmware update process.

I’ve posted a bunch of screenshots of the update process here, and a workaround to a rare issue that happens during the update process here.