Is resin held within a part as it prints?

Just a quick question.I am printing an object more or less like a cone. It has 3mm walls and the large end is open. It needs to hang down from the build platform as it prints with the pointy closed end hanging down. I am using supports so that the large end hangs is not directly attached to the platform.

So here’s the question. Will the interior of this part fill up with resin as it prints? Or will the resin drain away each time the bed rocks. Preform says the print will require about 100ml of resin but if resin is held in the cone’s interior as it prints, I would need quite a bit more than that.

If it’s an open cone (like an ice-cream cone) then it certainly won’t fill with resin. You will have the best results, most likely, if the closed pointy end prints last.

After the supports are printed, next you will be printing a ring with each successive layer (with the ring diameter becoming smaller with each successive layer printed). So liquid resin will be dripping back into the tank until you get to the pointy end of the cone which closes off everything. But practically speaking, the inside of your cone will not have all resin drip into the tank due to the viscosity of the liquid resin. So the inside of your cone will not be completely full of resin, but it won’t be dry either. There will be some small/marginal/nominal amount of liquid resin in the inside of your cone because it takes some time for the viscous liquid resin to flow downward and fall back into the tank.