Is my low resin the reason why the platform sticks?

Upon getting ready to start a print, I was informed the cartridge was low. Didn’t seem like it should have been given That I hadn’t printed a whole lot. It was 4 identical objects. So I removed one rather than risk wasting material and time, and printed just 3. No problems. I then attempted to do the fourth, again got the low resin warning. A few layers in it appeared to be taking longer to cycle and I noticed the platform was sticking a bit as it would raise up. I wondering if this is because the cartridge dispensed the remainder of its resin and there’s now not enough in the tray or if its another issue. FYI, this is my first cartridge so the tray shouldn’t need replaced yet.

The resin low warning pops up when the volume of resin left in the cartridge is lower than the volume of the print. The resin left in the vat is irrelevant in this case.

The platform always sticks “a bit” during the peel operation, especially if the cross-section of the ongoing layer is high.

When the resin level is low, the printer tends to do more resin sensing loops, which might explain the longer cycle. FYI the printer’s screen displays a “resin sensing” text when it’s performing this operation so it’s easy to check it that’s the cause of the slowdowns.

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