Internal voids, and external pits at 50 microns, but not at 100 - or with MS resin

Hi All,

I finally got my Form1+ upgrade a few weeks ago, and before getting into serious prints, I thought I’d print some new arms for a pair of glasses I sat on some time ago. Both arms together with supports and 3mm base have part volume under 25ml - so it seemed like an easy place to start.

However - after over a dozen attempts - I just can’t get a good print at 50 microns with FL clear or gray version 1 resins - there are significant internal voids inside the parts and pits on the outside.

Note these are NOT through holes that would come from dust/dirt on the mirrors.

Moreover they don’t occur when printing at 100m or when I use Madesolid white at 50m - (It’s a kiskstarter bottle - which interestingly seems much less prone to overcure with the Form1+, although it clouds the PDMS after only 800 layers).

This a photo of an example void - as you can see - it’s inside the part, but besides internal voids like this there are also external pits. Note that when I used a different vat with clear at 50m on the same Preform file, I got very similar voids and pits - but none when I printed the same file afterwards at 100m - in the same location on the build platform too.

<Download Form file that produced print with pictured void >

I checked and cleaned the mirrors over and over, I filtered the resin with a sieve and most recently with cloth, and used many different vats including the brand new one that came with the Form1+ upgrade.

Also note that this really does not seem to me like a support issue - since I don’t see how that would explain the internal voids.

Ideas anyone?

actually - this seems to be the same issue as Clustered or bubble of cured resin which it looks like RocusHalbasch explained there - I will try re-orienting the parts as per his instruction to ensure no layers contain “walled in air” and report back…

Yup - re-orienting the parts fixed it.