Interesting form1 competitor

I’d not heard of this until today - for many of you it might be old news.

no ship date as yet.

I have to see it to believe it… A rotating platform? A round surface? No peeling? Clearly the object is making on the video is impossible, no supports with detached parts from the main object emerging from the pool by the grace of God?

hahaha! nice.
yeah, proof is in the pudding.

Look up the definition of the word “vaporware” and you will find a picture of that printer.

I have so many questions, and they are offering so few answers… It looks like a Form 1 style laser and galvo based stereolithography printer, but with a spinning disk as the peel mechanism.

If they get to market, I look forward to seeing them on the trade show circuit.

Yea it’s going to be interesting. I learned the definition of vaporware as soon as I hit Google with the search “Orange Maker”. Haha.
The idea is to give SLA technology the peel-as-you-go ability that FFF naturally has. It seems they slice the model with a helix. Then they say they cure on the go. But the model would travel too slow in the center and too fast at the outside. So I think continuous is a bit misleading… I imagine they actually do stop the rotation to draw a pie slice, then screw the platform 1 degree and do another pie slice. This would probably keep the surface area small enough to spiral without damage across glass.

I have this unwritten rule i follow whenever i see a new product.
If the number of renders / number of photos > 1, i’ll pass. Until i hear about it again.

If it’s inf, i close the tab and never take another look.

Yeah, I sent them an email too - no answers yet…

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