Increasing number of broken supports using black V4

It seems I am having to print 2 or 3 copies of some parts recently just to get one I can use. Here is the first example. Wheels missing or damaged because supports broke off a millimeter or 2 above the base. This always seems to happen on the driver side of the truck. These are always printed with the front bumper facing the wiper.

Here is the second example, a huge number of broken supports. I usually set my min. support length to 3.5 or 4 mm because I’m printing very small parts, could that be a problem?

I always set the min support length to 3.5 mm and it never seems to be a problem.
For the house it looks like the model may have been too heavy causing the supports to break off.
I am not sure what would cause the problem with the truck.
I would maybe try angling the model so it starts on more of a corner instead of it having to peel the whole bumper off of the tray at once.

From experience Black tends to be the most unreliable resin, mostly because the pigments settle very quickly and form a thick black schmoo which makes it very difficult to get the resin back to an homogeneous state.

That being said, the supports breaking off at their base and not at the contact point is very very odd and I would contact Formlabs to investigate.

This was the first time I tried tilting the building, I’ve printed about 10 of these in the past and they were all oriented as shown in the picture below. None of these earlier prints were catastrophic failures like this one, but only 1 earlier print used V4 resin the rest were all V3. If the base of the building is aligned flat with the tray then there is a large number of redundant support points on that bottom layer of the building. If one or two break it’s not an issue.

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